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Minutes are not considered official until approved at the next regular meeting. For official copies, please go to the Town Clerk's Office.
Please note: While we make every effort to post all agendas and minutes, those posted herein may not be complete; please contact the Town Clerk's office for all required postings. Thank you.



Agendas Minutes
01/03/2017-Agenda 01/03/2017-Minutes
01/14/2017-Agenda - Special Meeting 01/14/2017-Minutes - Special Meeting
02/07/2017-Agenda 02/07/2017-Minutes
03/07/2017-Agenda 03/07/2017-Minutes
04/04/2017-Agenda 04/04/2017-Minutes
04/15/2017-Agenda - Special Meeting 04/15/2017-Minutes - Special Meeting
05/02/2017-Agenda 05/02/2017-Minutes
05/18/2017-Agenda - Special Meeting 05/18/2017-Minutes - Special Meeting
06/06/2017-Agenda 06/06/2017-Minutes


Notice of Public Hearing - 07/05/2017



08/01/2017-Agenda 08/01/2017-Minutes
09/05/2017-Agenda 09/05/2017-Minutes
09/14/2017-Agenda - Special Meeting 09/14/2017-Minutes - Special Meeting
10/03/2017-Agenda 10/03/2017-Minutes
11/07/2017-Agenda 11/07/2017-Minutes
12/05/2017-Agenda 12/05/2017-Minutes



Agendas Minutes
01/05/2016-Agenda 01/05/2016-Minutes
01/28/2016-Agenda - Special Meeting 01/28/2016-Minutes - Special Meeting
02/02/2016-Agenda 02/02/2016-Minutes
02/06/2016-Agenda 02/06/2016-Minutes
03/01/2016-Agenda 03/01/2016-Minutes
04/05/2016-Agenda 04/05/2016-Minutes
05/03/2016-Agenda 05/03/2016-Minutes
06/07/2016-Agenda 06/07/2016-Minutes
06/16/2016-Agenda 06/16/2016-Minutes
07/05/2016-Agenda 07/05/2016-Minutes
08/02/2016-Agenda 08/02/2016-Minutes
09/06/2016-Agenda 09/06/2016-Minutes
10/01/2016-Agenda - Special Meeting 10/01/2016-Minutes - Special Meeting
10/04/2016-Agenda 10/04/2016- Minutes
11/01/2016-Agenda 11/01/2016-Minutes
12/06/2016-Agenda 12/06/2016-Minutes




Agendas Minutes


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